Y is for You

You, after all, are what yoga and this site are all about.  To be agonizingly specific, your daily practice is what it is all about.  What happens after you have pulled on your yoga attire and rolled out your mat on the floor.

Basically, of course, your daily practice should be derived from your total practice and should fit within it.  Daily practice should not be identical day to day, as the body needs to remain adaptable, not stuck in a rut of repetitive motions.  When the asana practice is designed (Necessary & Sufficient page), this factor should be taken into account: the practice should include multiple asanas that can be combined in different ways to attain the objectives of the practice over the desired time period such as a week or a month.

In addition, every day is different, so it is desirable to customize a daily practice for: 

1) time available on a particular day

2) situation and circumstances, e.g. mental, spiritual, life issues

3) specific physical condition

4) other recent or pending physical activities, e.g. sports

Honor the value of spontaneous variety (Vikrti page) – different asanas, form, duration, repetitions.   Variety can be fresh and invigorating, and also can provide a learning experience.  But keep variety within the overall strategic approach for the practice; spontaneous unconsidered variety can be an effective way to injure oneself!  And ensure that variety in asanas is executed according to basic principles, such as employing effective asana sequencing and appropriate balancing moves.

Final thought: the daily practice is where an asana practice is fully tested and evaluated for whether it is achieving its objective and whether it should be revised, to improve it or to move to the next level.  Be mindful in the daily practice.

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